"I started using Nasadol about 6 months ago after learning CBD helped with lower back and general muscle stiffness. After 20 yrs of rock/mountain climbing my lower back and knees were starting to rebel. After about a week of regular use I noticed a considerable difference in both stiffness and pain. After a month it was 90% gone and my recovery after hard workouts was noticeably better. The nasal spray is very convenient and you can feel the effects almost immediately. Highly recommended."


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Extreme mountain sport enthusiast.

    "My wife suffers from social anxiety and panic attacks, and social gatherings can be problematic for her. Previously she had used either Lorazepam or Xanax to get through, but both of those caused drowsiness and irritability, and their effectiveness waned as the day went on. One of her best friends, who also suffers from anxiety, suggested the try CBD oil as an alternative.

    I am very anal when it comes to trusting companies, and there are so many fly-by-night companies out there that sell CBD products that I was loath to allow her to try it. imagine my surprise whin I discovered Dr. Fred Melius, a well-respected doctor in Wisconsin, had developed his own CBD nasal spray product called Nasadol. I was amazed at the difference it made for her. Instead of taking a sedative and being drowsy and moody, she is now able to relax and even enjoy the situation. Nasadol works wonders, and for the first time she is able to attend a social event without feeling panicky or wanting to jump out of her skin. 

    I won't make a blanket statement and say it will work for everyone, but if you or someone you love suffers from social anxiety, you may want to consider giving Nasadol a try."



    "I have worked outside my whole life in construction. On my 59th birthday, a friend gave me a bottle of CBD capsules from BioSpectrum. I started taking one capsule every night before bed. The first couple nights I thought I was sleeping better but I wasn't sure it was because of the CBD capsules. By the third morning, I got up as usual to let our anxious Golden out to go to the bathroom. When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I realized I had just run down the steps like I did 20 years ago. No groaning, no using the railing and no walking like a stork. Absolutely miraculous!!!

    I didn't believe all the CBD hype but I just ordered another bottle for me, my wife and my father in law. I don't take Motrin anymore and I'm throwing away my curcumin next. I am absolutely blown away be how these pills make me feel!"

Tom D